pet nutritionist
Meet Jessica Neal.
(and Atlas)

One of the brains behind Freely’s Nutrition Center, Jessica brings more than 15 years of pet and nutrition expertise. 

While researching diets to help manage the kidney disease in her family’s elderly cat, Allie, Jessica really began to see the power nutrition can have on a pet’s health. 

She’s excited to put her expertise to work at Freely, helping pet parents realize that power themselves.

smarts meets passion.

Jessica’s education is almost as impressive as her love for animals. She holds a:

  • B.S. in animal science with an emphasis in animal biotechnology
  • Minor in biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Minor in microbiology
  • M.S. in animal science with an emphasis in interdisciplinary genomics and bioinformatics

Sure, her book smarts come in handy, but Jessica’s real superpower is combining her knowledge and expertise with her extreme love of animals. Being able to help pet parents navigate pet nutrition is something she takes very seriously, and she is excited to answer even your toughest questions.

proud pet parent.

Jessica shares her life with three loving pets: 
Atlas, her outgoing, sweet, and silly dog. Peabody, her loveable rescue cat. And Divine, her beautiful, hardworking horse. 

She loves the ways her pets have helped her connect with other animal-loving people — from dog parks to horse shows.

And now, her passion for pet nutrition has given her a way to connect with pet parents like you!

in her own words.

what’s nutrition mean to you?

“Nutrition can be a tool to provide the highest quality of life for your pet. After all, they’re dependent on us to provide them with a solution that meets their individual needs. 

The recipes we put in their bowls can give them the nutritional building blocks they need to gleam with health from tooth to tail.”


What advice do you have for pet parents?

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.”

(We couldn’t agree more.)

her favorite freely recipe.
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