pet nutritionist
meet Jessica Tegt.
(and Otto).

Jessica has always had a deep love for animals, but this quickly became a passion in graduate school when she started studying Nutritional Science. 

She went on to combine her background in biochemistry and nutrition with her passion for teaching others what she has learned for herself -- that well-balanced nutrition can be the difference between a good and great life for any animal. 

smarts meets passion.

Jessica's got what it takes to help pet parents with even the toughest questions thanks to three well-earned degrees:  

  • B.S. in dietetics from University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • M.S. in wildlife ecology (canine biology) from Utah State University
  • Ph.D. from Mississippi State University in wildlife ecology

After spending all this time in school, Jessica has continued to focus on her passion for animals through teaching, research, outreach efforts, and now as a member of the Freely Nutrition Center! 

proud pet parent.

Although Otto, a super cuddly & loving German Shepard, is her family’s right-hand man, Jessica and her family also love the camaraderie of their small herd of dairy goats, two horses, and a miniature donkey, named Elvis.

in her own words.

what’s nutrition mean to you?

"Taking the science we know and understand about nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to create nourishing and delicious foods that help pets reach their optimal health. It's also important to understand the combination of nutrients to properly address physiological sensitivities, disease control, maintenance, growth, and longevity."


What advice do you have for pet parents?

"Love your pet like a family member. With that comes investment in good food, respect for your pets' likes and dislikes, discipline, quality time, lots of hugs and cuddles, and fun!"

her favorite freely recipe.

Otto’s favorite recipe is the Whole Grain Turkey. He has a huge appetite but a sensitive digestive system. The whole grain turkey has enough fiber to fill him up and the perfect protein for his tummy! Next, we will be trying the broth pour overs! He’s excited!

Freely Limited Ingredient Turkey Recipe for dogs and Tranquility Broth for Dogs