everyday is earth day at freely

everyday is earth day at freely

Our pets help keep us connected to nature. Whether our dogs are taking us for a walk or we're quietly envying our cat's afternoon nap in the sun, our pets continue to remind us that we are part of something bigger. Positively impacting the planet is important to us at Freely, and we know its a priority for many of you as well. The choices you make for your family and pets when bringing products into your home are important, and we want to help. 

At Freely, we know that conscientious pet parents are looking for better options for their pets and the planet. We know, because we are some of those pet parents. From the very beginning we’ve looked for ways to support sustainabilityOur Whole Grain Flexitarian and Vegetarian recipes for dogs were created for pet parents wanting to reduce their reliance on meat-based protein sources both for themselves and for their dogs. We are excited by the warm reception these recipes have received, and in particular by the popularity of our Flexitarian kibble. Dogs love the taste (no, really, watch them lick the bowl clean) and pet parents can enjoy a simple way to support animal welfare and engage in lower impact living while confidently feeding a complete and balanced diet. 

While many of you have commented on the soft feel and clean appearance of our dry kibble bags, they were designed with more than good looks in mind. Our full-sized bags incorporate a material known as GreenTM Polyethylene (PE). This plant-based product is made from ethanol produced using Brazilian sugarcane, a renewable resource, rather than raw materials from fossil fuels. Brazilian sugarcane has a carbon negative footprint because it converts carbon dioxide in the air into plant material while releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. Each Freely bag contains at least 30% of this plant-based material, making it a more responsible choice for the environment than traditional plastic packaging.  


Our Beneficial Broth glass bottles were also carefully chosen to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Glass is an easily recyclable material, so when your pet has finished enjoying the broth, you can simply remove the lid and sleeve, and recycle the bottle. Even better? Give the empty bottle a wash and reuse it: they’re great for extra storage or even flower vases. Utilizing glass also allows us to bottle our broths at a higher temperature than is otherwise possible with cardboard or traditional plastic packaging. These higher bottling temperatures sterilize both the bottle and broth which helps our sealed broths stay fresh for up to 18 months. Once opened, our broths can be stored in the refrigerator and enjoyed for up to 30 days. This long shelf life reduces food waste and allows your pet to enjoy the broth at their own pace. 

Freely’s purpose is to make pet food simple so you can nourish your pet with confidence and ease. Part of that confidence should come from knowing your pet food brand is committed not just to your pet’s nutritional health but to our planet’s health, as well. We are excited to offer thoughtful, sustainable packaging and plant-based, planet-conscious recipes for pet parents looking to make a difference. After all, you have enough on your mind without trying to select a food that is both good for your pet and good for our planet. Go ahead and take another lap around the park, we’ve got you covered.  


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