we’re here to make pet food simple .

Pet food should be simply good for your pet and simply easy to understand. Because when you're confident with your choice, you're free to enjoy all the little moments with your pet.

simple bowl.
happy soul®.

Delicious kibble. Mouth-watering wet food. Beneficial broths. All our recipes are made with limited, purposeful ingredients that provide all the essential nutrients your pet needs, and nothing they don't. If it doesn't benefit your dog or cat, you won't find it in our recipes.

you’ve got questions? we’ve got answers.

We’ve been where you are. We’ve stood in the confusing pet food aisles. We’ve tried to decipher some of these ingredient lists. We’ve asked the same questions: should my dog eat grains or no? Which protein is best for my cat? How many treats is too many?

We know what it’s like to feel unsure about what you’re about to feed your pet. And we’re here to change that. Ask our team of expert nutritionists anything. We'll give you our honest answer.

find the right food
for your pet.

Our food-finding philosophy is simple: focus on the pet who’s eating it. Answer a few questions about your dog or cat and we’ll give you a food recommendation tailored to their needs.

what pet parents are saying

My cat couldn’t seem to get enough of the grain free wet turkey. He’s never really been much of an eater but the sight and smell of the can opening had him running to his bowl. I highly recommend!


Absolutely love this doggy food! My pup, Jaws, gobbles it up & is always excited when he sees a fresh bag! So far we’ve tried the grain-free salmon & lamb at the recommendation of a Freely employee for Jaws’ breed & we absolutely love it!! Jaws is a Mini Golden Aussie doodle & this food is perfect for his needs! Thanks, Freely!


You guys are awesome! Jessica was so helpful in answering my questions about my dog’s nutrition. I couldn’t be more grateful to know that I have a plan perfect for Archie.


Our cat has recently been leaving leftover food in her bowl (very unusual for her). We switched to the Freely grain-free rabbit recipe and she is going nuts over it. She loves it and it's really nice knowing what is going into her diet with their limited ingredients. Would definitely recommend Freely. They even have great resources and have answered all my weird cat questions!


My super active Chocolate Lab prefers real food over kibble, so finding options for him has been a tedious task. We were gifted a bag of freely Flexitarian Recipe and he ate it without reservation! I’m happy knowing this has limited ingredients, nutrients for heart health, and prebiotics to help with digestion. We’re both fans of it!


My cat loves the grain-free salmon judging by the empty bowl left behind - and I like knowing that he is getting nutritious, wholesome ingredients.