why freely?

The answer is simple: We want to help you more easily choose and understand the food you feed your pets. Because when you're not feeling confused by or guilty about your food decision, you can focus on enjoying the little moments with the dogs and cats you love.

our promise
for us, it’s all about the pet and you.

We genuinely want what’s best for you and your pet. Even if that means it’s not one of our recipes. So if one of our products is not the best option for your pet, our nutrition experts will recommend another brand that is.

who we are
pet parents.

At Freely, we're a small team of pet-loving, pet food experts who started to notice just how confusing things had gotten for pet parents. There were too many choices, hard-to-understand claims, and no easy way to find answers to questions about your pet's nutrition or food. All of this left you wondering if you were doing the right thing for your pets.

With decades of pet food and nutrition experience, our growing team of both humans and animals is committed to making pet food easier to understand.

why we're here
we're here to help.

As part of our Freely team, we've got nutritional experts on staff to help answer any of your pet nutrition questions and offer advice. Check out the Freely Nutrition Center for helpful articles or to speak with a nutritionist directly.