cat food made simple®.

At Freely, we’ve made it easier for you to find the right food for your cat by creating nutritious and delicious recipes that really get them purring. Here, you can learn about all our recipes — in terms that make sense.

simple bowl.
happy soul®.

We offer a selection of natural, limited ingredient diet cat foods that provide all the essential nutrients your cat needs with as few ingredients as possible. Build the perfect plate for your cat with our dry recipes, wet recipes, and beneficial broths.

dry food

For those cats who love a crunch, we have delicious kibble in a variety of protein options that will make them lick their whiskers.

wet food

All of our wet food options are grain-free, full of flavor, and can be served as a meal or a tasty mixer to make mealtime even more enjoyable.

beneficial broths

Added to any food, these delicious broths offer additional moisture, flavor and nutritional benefits to every bowl.
find the right food for your cat.

Not sure which food is right for your cat? We’re here to help! Answer a few questions about your feline and we’ll give you our expert (and simple) recommendation.

how much to feed?

Our helpful calculator can help you determine the right serving size for your cat based on factors like their activity level and age.

still have questions?

There’s no such thing as a silly question. If you’re looking for an answer about your cat or their food, don’t be afraid to ask!

complicated simple ingredients.

You won’t find a mile-long ingredient list here. When we say simple, we mean it. Which is why we only use ingredients that are simply good for your cat.