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Every time you shop for pet food you’re bombarded with nutritional claims and hard-to-pronounce ingredient lists. No wonder you’re confused. We were too. Not to fear, we’re here to help you sniff out the answers you seek.

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are you transitioning your pet from one food to another?

Transitioning your pet to a new food is a slow and steady process. Here are some of the whys and hows when switching up their food.

the picky pet problem: encouraging your pet to eat more

Some of us are fortunate to have pets that happily gobble up their food at each meal, but what do you do if your pet doesn’t want to eat? Here are some tips and tricks to help bring your picky dog, fussy puppy, or finicky cat back to their bowl.

measuring your pet's food

The idea of measuring your pet's food seems pretty straightforward, right? Just scoop it out and serve! In general, that idea is right, but if you're not careful it can lead to variation in the amount of food your pet gets at each meal and unintentionally result in weight gain and other problems.

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