flexitarian explained

flexitarian explained

Flexitarian, or flexible vegetarian, refers to foods that are plant-based or mostly plant-based with the occasional inclusion of meat, fish, or egg. A flexitarian diet is more flexible than vegetarian and vegan diets by allowing you to limit meat consumption without eliminating it entirely. It still supports a plant-based, planet-conscious lifestyle while maintaining most of your normal habits. If you’ve added ‘Meatless Monday’ into your weekly meal plans, then you’ve dabbled in flexitarianism! 

At Freely, we think that’s a pretty interesting concept and one that doesn’t have to be limited to humans. We believe pets can have the opportunity to join their pet parents on their journey towards balance, which is why we created a Whole Grain Flexitarian Recipe for dogs. This limited ingredient diet recipe is a combination of our Whole Grain Turkey and Whole Grain Vegetarian recipes. Its wholesome blend of whole grains, eggs, and turkey deliver the balanced protein your dog needs. And it’s a great way to gently transition your dog away from meat-focused foods, which are often high in protein, while ensuring all of their nutritional requirements are met. 


But wait, aren’t dogs supposed to eat meat? They are carnivores, right? 

Nutritionally speaking, it’s not really about what ingredients your pet eats. It is more about the nutrients they consume. The truth is while cats are obligate carnivores and require a nutritional regimen that must include meat, dogs are omnivores and require less protein from both plant-based and meat-based sources. It's possible to provide a dog with all the vital nutrients they need through non-meat options. Yes, dogs love the flavor of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs but they also thrive on many plant-based proteins. The good news is your dog can digest and use a variety of proteins regardless of their origin.

At Freely, we have carefully balanced our Flexitarian and Vegetarian recipes to provide all the protein, fat, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals dogs need as part of their diets. Each plant-forward recipe is carefully formulated to combine purposefully chosen ingredients to provide a healthy option for your canine companion. Whether you’re looking to help the planet or reduce your dependence on animal products, we’re confident our Flexitarian and Vegetarian recipes are great choices for your dog to do the same. 


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