how do I weigh my pet?

How to get your dog or cat's weight using a scale

Knowing your pet’s weight is an important part of creating their nutritional plan. Weight, along with other factors, is a solid starting point when deciding how much and what kind of food to feed your furry friend. No matter what their shape or size, we encourage you check your pet’s weight periodically so you can build a nutritious and balanced bowl, and they can stay as happy and healthy as possible.

So, how do I actually weigh my pet?

There are a few ways you can do this. If you have a scale at home and can safely lift your pet, try weighing them by weighing yourself with and without your pet on your bathroom scale. First, weigh yourself alone. Then pick up your pet and step on the scale together. Simply subtract your weight from your combined weights to get your pet’s weight. While it seems logical to have your pet stand directly on the scale, most pets wiggle too much to get an accurate reading this way.

If being held is not your pet’s idea of a good time, try weighing your pet in a pet carrier and subtracting the weight of the carrier to get your pet’s weight. If this idea works, write down the weight of the carrier and any comfort items inside to speed up the process next time.

If your pet is too large, too small, or too stressed for the at-home weighing method above, consider stopping by your vet’s office to use one of their special scales. We bet the staff will love seeing your pet outside of a medical appointment. This is also a great way to help reduce vet visit anxiety as your pet will associate the vet’s office with these fun outings to get weighed.

Still have questions?

Our pet nutrition team is here for you. Send us an email, give us a call or connect with us through LiveChat. We’d love to talk through your pet’s unique nutritional needs!