limited ingredients doesn’t mean limited options

Cat eats simple limited ingredient pet food

Similar to how your homemade meal typically has fewer ingredients than a more processed one, limited ingredient diet (LID) pet foods take the same approach for your furry friend. LIDs are designed to provide all the nutrients your pet needs while using a shortened list of ingredients. These recipes may focus on a single protein source, such as turkey or salmon, to reduce the number of overall ingredients. Even though these recipes have limited ingredients, they still provide a complete and balanced meal for your pet.

Why might you decide to feed your pet a limited ingredient diet? 

To start, fewer ingredients make it easy to understand exactly what’s in each recipe, and each nutrient-packed ingredient needs to serve multiple purposes in the final food. LIDs are excellent for helping to isolate food sensitivities, since their shortened ingredient list makes it easier to narrow down food sensitivity culprits.

Is a limited ingredient diet for every pet?

We certainly think so! Which is why all of our recipes are LIDs. However, LID pet foods are often more expensive than traditional options because of their high-quality ingredients and the effort it takes to formulate recipes that are just right for your pet. Those quality ingredients don’t come cheap! While you may spend more to feed your pet, you are investing in their long-term health and well-being. If your pet’s LID is labeled “complete and balanced” on the package, you can rest assured your pet’s food will give them the proper nutritional building blocks for all their adventures.

Still have questions?

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