pour, spoon, or sprinkle: toppers make meals interesting

Toppers add excitement to mealtime for your pet

Broths, pouches, cans, freeze-dried, oh my! Toppers are appearing everywhere these days. You’ve probably seen many options while at your local pet store and wondered what they’re all about.

Toppers are just that: products made to go on top of and complement your pet’s complete and balanced food. Think of them as the special sauce a chef uses to turn a plain chicken-and-rice meal into a gourmet experience. Toppers are used to increase interest in food for choosier pets, add additional nutrients or flavors, or simply be a treat to make mealtime more fun for your pet.

Toppers come in many types and flavors, Some of the most common are described below.


Bone broths for dogs and cats are Freely Pet’s favorite topper. Broths are a liquid stock made by heating bones, meat, vegetables, and other ingredients to draw out their nutrients and flavors. This type of topper is simply poured over your pet’s normal meal. Our beneficial broths are made from turkey, lamb, or bison, along with sweet potatoes and pumpkin. When our broths were put to the test, kibble with a Freely broth topper was found to be considerably more appealing to dogs than plain kibble.

Wet foods 

A wet food topper for your dog or cat is simply a smaller portion of a wet food recipe your pet already loves. While you can use wet foods as a complete and balanced meal, some pet parents choose to add just a bit to complement a dry kibble meal instead. Since many wet foods are high in fat, be sure to keep the amounts in check and not exceed your pet’s daily allotted calories. Wet foods come in several textures like that of a meatloaf, a pâté, or a hearty stew.

Dry food toppers 

Some toppers look like sprinkles or flakes. This would be similar to adding croutons to a salad, but these toppers typically bring more protein than carbs to your pet's meal. Some are even a flavorful powder like the seasonings and herbs you might add to your own meal.


Many toppers are freeze-dried foods. Freeze-drying is a dehydration process done at a low temperature to lock in nutrients and seal in flavors. Although many freeze-dried foods can be your pet’s entire diet, several forms such as pellets, pucks, dust, cubes, or treats can add flavor to your pet’s meals.


Many pets love whole veggies added to the top of their regular food. Some of the most common are carrots, cucumbers, and green beans. They can be raw, cooked, or frozen depending what is easiest and most appealing to your furry friend.


Pieces of baked or soft treats can be broken or torn to boost flavor and taste in your pet’s everyday meal.

Table Scraps

Many pet parents like to give their pets a bit of the same meal they’re enjoying. Others like to cook meals specifically for their pets. If the food doesn’t contain harmful ingredients and is fed in moderation, small amounts of human food can be part of your pet’s balanced diet. Remember not to give too much as your pet will start to beg every time you sit down to eat. We don’t want your pet to associate bonding with eating.


Using toppers is a matter of personal preference. If your pet is happy with their meal, and you are happy serving it, you are doing great! If you want to dress up their bowl some, toppers are a wonderful choice.

Still have questions?

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