what's rotational feeding all about?

Switching pet food for rotational feeding

Rotational feeding is the idea of switching your dog or cat’s food on a regular schedule to provide variety in their diet or use different nutritional approaches. Rotational feeding can mean different things to different pet parents. Some choose to switch the protein or flavor of their pet’s food on a regular basis, such as with each new bag of food or once a year. While others keep multiple choices at home and switch daily or even between meals.

Many pet parents and industry professionals believe there are benefits to rotational feeding. They see it as a way to provide new nutrients to a pet or as a strategy to prevent allergies or sensitivities from popping up. The reality is, there is no scientific evidence at this point to indicate rotational feeding is healthier for your pet than consistently feeding the same food. However, if your pet does well with rotational feeding, it can be a viable nutritional approach for you and your furry friend.

For picky eaters, occasionally switching foods can keep them interested in what’s in their bowl. Sometimes though the easiest answer for such finicky eaters is simply adding a highly palatable topper, like one of our beneficial broths for dogs or for cats.

If you do decide to follow a rotational feeding schedule, you should consider how to transition your pet from one food to another. Some pets seem to transition with no issues. For others, food transitions can take longer to avoid upset stomachs. This is why most brands (including Freely) recommend you transition gradually over a period of time.

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